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Guitar Wiring Kits Uk The Apparel 100 is a series of interactive maps and data visualizations using new and existing information on the largest 100 Apparel companies' supply chain transparency and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data.

Diagram Electrical Wiring The report website holds the largest open data set about the apparel industry, containing over 30,000 data points. It gives a snapshot of efforts by the apparel industry's largest companies to disclose information about their suppliers and ESG performance. 

Wiring A Light Curtain WikiRate's researchers have also visualized data on 30 companies' supplier disclosures out of the 100 companies. In the most recent disclosures, these 30 companies were supplied by 14,610 different suppliers.

The apparel sector snapshot reveals:

  • Nearly a third of the top 100 don't publish a recent report with sustainability information.
  • On average, the top 100 apparel companies share less than half of key environmental, social and governance indicators, suggested by WikiRate's methodology.
  • The number of the top 100 apparel companies reporting their suppliers more than doubled from 10 to 23 between 2017 and 2020.

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