Peugeot 207 Wiring Diagram Kwantu is a social enterprise that aims to make development more effective. We specialise in the development of management information systems for development programmes. Our focus is on helping government, NGOs, and others delivering social programmes to tackle the following problems:


  • Collecting high quality data needed to manage and monitor programmes
  • Using data effectively for management or monitoring (including the SDGs)
  • Analysing, documenting and standardising business processes
  • Creating offline apps that help field staff manage a business process
  • Sharing a library of standard business process apps or their underlying data definitions across a network of implementers
  • Sharing data collected by multiple partners into a central data warehouse for collective usage
  • Harmonising data collected from multiple sources


Dodge Stratus Wiring Diagram Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

Humidity Wiring Diagram Kwantu seeks to revolutionise how we use data on programme performance. While technology has transformed our ability to collect better performance data, we have made less progress in how we share and aggregate data across organisations. We commit to developing data architecture and eco-systems that:

  • Gm Ignition Wiring Make it easier for organisations to share, re-use and adapt data definitions

  • Simplify the agreement and adoption of common data standards

  • Facilitate the secure sharing of data across organisations.

Top With Diagram Of Engine Xc90 Engine This has the potential to transform the way in which we report to donors and share data for joint learning and advocacy.


Initiatives in Kwantu

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Leave No One Behind Data Collaborative

Looking for Partners | GPSDD Initiated
Strengthening disaggregated data to help ensure that groups traditionally marginalized from development progress, are included.
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Data Roadmaps

GPSDD Initiated
Data roadmaps support countries in developing and implementing multi-stakeholder data ecosystems for sustainable development.
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Citizen-Generated Data Task Team

Looking for Partners | GPSDD Initiated
Working to produce recommendations on what types of CGD initiatives are best suited to different purposes; producing guidance on how to navigate and engage with different types of CGD initiatives; and providing a forum to share experiences, challenges, and learning related to CGD.

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