Elkanodata is an information design agency that transforms complex information and data, into insightful, innovative, and attractive digital experiences for relevant topics and stories that matter.

Elkanodata’s mission is to leverage information design as a tool for social change, redefining the way people engage with relevant causes, and helping International and purpose-driven organizations make the most out of their information and data.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

Elkanodata strives to build a more informed and inclusive society, raising awareness mainly around the Sustainable Development Goals. Some of Elkanodata’s notable and award-winning projects have been on raising awareness and engagement to support gender equality, climate action, the LGBTQI+ community, human rights, immigration, maternal mortality or immunization, among others.

Elkanodata has worked with prominent intergovernmental organizations including the United Nations Population Fund, World Health Organization, United Nations Sustainable Development Group and UN Women.